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From February to November, we have trophies and game bird hunts on most classic African wildlife species, including big game such as buffalo, hippo, leopard, elephant or lion in different regions of South Africa. 


Our main hunting areas are located in KwaZulu-Natal province. But we hunt in several other widely separated regions to provide an ideal opportunity to get to know the diversity of the South African flora and fauna with its unique landscapes and habitats. 


The areas are up to 18,000 hectares in size and extend from the subtropical dense bush in Zululand near the Indian Ocean over the rich hills of Northern Natal down to the dry bushveld of Thabazimbi and the Kalahari in the North Western Province - near the border with Botswana.  


There is also a wide range of day trips or multi-day tours to explore the history of the country. Thus, we offer not only opportunities for a hunting vacation, but you can connect your hunting stay with a holiday for the whole family.

To view hunting areas:


Our typically African furnished guest houses and camps in various hunting grounds are equipped with modern sanitary facilities, 220 V power connection and mostly equipped with a swimming pool. The cosy and well-appointed camps will have you forgetting about everyday life and end the day relaxing with a sundowner at the campfire.


Trophy hunting is open all year round. However, the best months are in our dry season (winter) from April to September. Then the trees have lost most of their leaves, and the grasslands are grazed, so that you have more visibility than in our summertime. Daytime temperatures are between 15 ° C and 23 ° C, but can at night drop to 0 ° C. In the summer season (October to March) it is up to 35 ° C hot 23 ° C. From November, the summer rainfalls, and the bush turns suddenly into a dense green cover.


On vaccinations of any kind, advise your family doctor or local health authority. But there are excellent doctors and hospitals in South Africa. Requests to bring your foreign health insurance. Many hunting destinations in South Africa are malaria-free.


ASS Trophy Forwarding
Your partner for the import of hunting trophies from all over the world into the European Union. 
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Taxidermist Walter Klimbacher 

Our goal: satisfied customers and lifelike Präparater class at reasonable prices. Visit here

Huntingdon Flight- Service 

Your partner Huntingdon flight- service is concerned since 1990 with the negotiations of flight tickets, car rentals and individual hunting trips/ safaris to southern Africa. Visit here

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