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Carlo Engelbrecht - Owner and Operator

Carlo has been guiding clients for more than 27 years. He has a keen eye for nature and a devoted passion for the industry. Carlo also has quite a few records under his belt, where he has hunted roughly 600+ Buffalo in his career. His knowledge and understanding of the hunt are unparalleled.

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Helgard Smit

Helgard Smit is our Head Professional Hunter at Carlo Engelbrecht Safaris and is an all-around great guy to hunt with. He has been with us for the past 12 years and his speciality is Red Duiker and Suni in the Sand Forests of Zululand.


Tjoepie van Wyk

Tjoepie has been with Carlo Engelbrecht Safaris for the past four years and is well known for being the “Cameraman”. Tjoepie is also a qualified, professional hunter and has lots of experience in the field. In addition, he has a real passion for hunting free-range Kudu.


Hugo Engelbrecht

Hugo is an enthusiastic young hunter who has been fortunate enough to have the experience of hunting the Big 5 in numerous countries. He has extensive knowledge of the hunt and bushveld. His favourite animals to hunt are Buffalo and Elephant.


Walter Engelbrecht

Walter has been with Carlo Engelbrecht Safaris for the past 7 years. Walter is a very serious and avid hunter. Walter likes to hunt big Warthog.

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Frans Loots

Frans has been with Carlo Engelbrecht Safaris for more than ten years. He is very cautious and calm when hunting. Frans has an eye for the perfect animal. He lives in the heart of Zululand and has a passion for Warthog and Nyala.

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Charl Herholdt

Charl is an avid and experienced hunter with a sharp eye for the finest trophies. He has been hunting alongside his father since childhood, and his expertise in the wilderness is unparalleled. Charl's preferred hunting target is the Buffalo in the scenic landscapes of Zululand.

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Matthew Maartens

Matt is truly just a fun guy to be around and a very hard working Professional Hunter. His sense of humor and his ambition of the hunting industry is what makes him a crowd favourite.

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Musa Simelane - Head Skinner & Tracker

Musa Simelane is our Head Skinner and Tracker at Carlo Engelbrecht Safaris and was Carlo’s first Tracker. He has been with us for 20 years and is an absolute treat to be with.

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Lucky Ntshangase - Tracker & Skinner

Lucky Ntshangase is one of our Trackers and Skinners at Carlo Engelbrecht Safaris and a very good Chef. He is a Jack of all trades and has a keen eye.

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